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Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming.

We know that the news of being pregnant comes with a lot of different emotions, especially if you’re pregnant and don’t know what to do. If you only suspect you could be, you may be already thinking about what to do if you’re pregnant. Is there an easy option for an unplanned pregnancy? Let’s unpack your pregnancy choices together.

You have three options for your pregnancy – parenting, choosing parents, or having an abortion. Unfortunately, none of these options are easy. Which ones are you considering? It is normal to feel unsure. Remember that you do not need to be in a rush to make a decision – you have time to make the best choice for you and your baby! Let’s look at some of the pros and cons associated with each of the options.

What would it look like to parent?

Parenting comes with the most responsibility as you consider the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial aspects of having a child. Parenting a child includes sleepless nights, financial changes, adjusting your daily life, and potentially putting goals on hold while you parent. Those changes can be hard, but experiencing the joys, the love of a child, and watching your little one grow up day in and day out can be incredibly rewarding and worth the struggles.

What would it look like to choose parents for your child?

You may not feel equipped to parent or may not desire to parent at this time, so adoption may be the right choice for you. This option allows you to choose parents who can meet your child’s physical, emotional, mental, and financial needs. It means knowing your child is loved and well cared for. It also gives you the opportunity to accomplish the goals you have for your life. You can even have letters, pictures, and a relationship with the family you choose. While there are a lot of really good things about adoption, it is still not an easy option. Women experience grief and loss at not seeing their baby each day. But they do have the opportunity to see their child grow up to achieve their dreams.

What would it look like to have an abortion?

Abortion can seem like a quick fix to an impossible situation because you do not have to think through the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial needs of your child. It can allow you to keep your pregnancy a secret while also not having to face labor and delivery. But abortion also brings grief and loss and is a permanent end to the bond you have with your child. Unlike all other options, the opportunity to see your child grow up is lost. While you may not experience the impact of abortion right away, many women face physical complications from abortion and express emotional pain for years to come.

Now that we have briefly looked at each of the unplanned pregnancy options, it’s easy to see there is not an easy choice. We are here to help you make a decision you feel good about. Your pregnancy counselor will provide free, confidential counseling for you as you consider your options.