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You have that feeling where you don’t know what to do, but you know you want to do something. You’re not sure what your role is when you find out your girlfriend is pregnant, but you want to do what’s right. But what is that? You know you both aren’t ready to be parents, but you don’t feel right about her having an abortion, so what’s the best choice?

Learn about all the options

Wanting to know about all your options for your unborn child is a GOOD thing. You’re not overreacting or “thinking too much”. We know this is a big step, and we’re here to help, whether that’s through text messaging, speaking on the phone, video chatting, or meeting in person. We want to walk alongside you on this journey.

Offer her your support

You can support your girlfriend by inviting her to speak with a pregnancy counselor. A pregnancy counselor can help you by sharing truthful information about each pregnancy option. Finding out you’re pregnant can be a scary thing, and she may not feel like she has the time or resources to look into all of her options. Make sure she knows she does not have to rush into ANY decision.

You can also support her by looking into all of her pregnancy options and sharing that information with her. This information gives you an accurate picture of each option: abortion, parenting, and adoption. Unfortunately, many of the things you see on TV or online are outdated or inaccurate. Go to a trusted source to find out about all three.

Our pregnancy counselors are kind and compassionate. They want to get to know you and empower you and your girlfriend to make an informed decision, for your lives and your unborn child’s life.