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1) So you can be confident you’ve made an informed decision.

You actually have several unplanned pregnancy options you can make. You can have an abortion, choose to parent, or choose other parents for the child. How much do you already know about each of these options? If you’re like most people, you know just a little bit about each – what it would really look like for you after you make that decision, what all is involved, and how you will feel. You want to make sure you know all the facts so that you can prevent making a decision you will regret later in life. Your pregnancy counselor will help you think through your life, goals, and plans, as well as your child’s.

2) So you can receive information and guidance without pressure.

If/when you share this news with family and friends, everyone will have opinions about what they feel you should do. It can be overwhelming to hear so many opinions without first having the space to decide for yourself what is best for you and your baby. Our pregnancy counselors are trained to help you think through each option, providing you with accurate information and the space to consider your next steps. Only YOU can know what’s best for you and your baby. Our pregnancy counselors will never pressure you to make any specific choice.

3) So that you have an advocate on your side.

Whether it’s figuring out how to tell your parents, the baby’s father, or how to prepare for questions from nurses in the hospital, it can help to have an advocate who is there to help you. If you decide to pursue adoption, for instance, your pregnancy counselor will work with you directly, not the adoptive parents. They have a separate worker so that your social worker is able to advocate for YOUR desires, YOUR concerns, and YOUR priorities.

4) So regardless of what you choose, you have an expert to help you.

Most people are aware of their options: adoption, abortion, and parenting. Your pregnancy counselor would love to walk through these options with you! You are not on your own! They can help you make a plan for both you and your baby.

5) So that you can get the support you need.

Regardless of which choice you make for yourself and your baby, you will need support! There are so many fantastic organizations that can help you! Whether you decide to parent your child and need help getting baby items, or you’re looking for resources on how to deal with grief and loss, we have the connections that we can make personally for you. We want to be there with you and make sure you have good, supportive people on your side!