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When you are thinking about adoption for your baby, it can seem very scary, with lots of big choices to make. You want to be sure your baby will be safe and loved. You may also want your baby to grow up knowing you did not just put her up for adoption, but that you did what you thought was best by choosing loving parents for her.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your adoption path:

Adoption Agencies vs. Adoption Lawyers

When working with an adoption agency, you can meet with your pregnancy counselor in person. She will tell you about the different paths for adoption. A pregnancy counselor can also help you make a good adoption plan. You will be the one making the decisions the whole time. An agency will help in finding a family for your baby and provide you with a pregnancy counselor to help you along the way.

Unlike adoption agencies, the adoptive family pays the lawyer or consultant directly, and you may not have your own counselor to help you along the way. An adoption agency has a mother’s best interest at heart and will make sure you have a voice.

A Pregnancy Counselor

The connection between you and your pregnancy counselor is so special. You will have love and support from your counselor long after the adoption day. Your pregnancy counselor is there to help after the adoption because sometimes there are hard feelings that come after placing your baby with an adoptive family. You can also join support groups to help you walk through the post-adoption time.

Adoptive Families

Adoptive families are carefully screened and educated about the journey of adoption. Adoptive families will love and respect you for making a plan for your baby. It is possible for you to be involved in your baby’s life even after adoption. Meeting your child‘s adoptive parents is completely up to you. If you would like updates, you can receive photos, letters, and even go to in-person visits with your baby and adoptive family.

Pick the Path that Supports You Best

At an adoption agency, you will be cared for no matter what you are going through. Adoption agencies carefully consider all of your needs. A loving pregnancy counselor will help you navigate the paperwork and explain the legal documents. An adoption agency will make sure you understand your rights as a birth mother and your state’s adoption laws.

“There are people to walk with you, no matter what.”

Kenesha's Adoption Story