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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose the family for my baby?

Can I have contact with my baby after adoption?

Would it be too sad or painful to place my child with another family?

What if my family or friends think I should parent this baby?

If I choose adoption, what will my child think of me?

Will I know how my child is doing and if they’re having a good life?

Is adoption selfish?

How can I trust the adoptive family?




woman sitting outdoor during daytimeAdoption
January 17, 2023

Different Paths for Adoption

When you are thinking about adoption for your baby, it can seem very scary, with lots of big choices to make. You want to be sure your baby will be…
person holding white ceramic mugAdoption
January 17, 2023

Interview with a Birth Mom: April’s Story

What led you to consider adoption for your child? I went to the pregnancy clinic in my town, took a pregnancy test, and confirmed I was pregnant. I shared with…
women's orange t-shirtAdoption
January 17, 2023

Five Questions You May Have About Adoption

Adoption may be a reality that you are familiar with, but for many people, it isn’t something that is talked about often. Therefore, it’s completely natural to have a lot…
woman sitting in front of black table writing on white book near windowAdoption
January 16, 2023

5 Things You Should Know About Making an Adoption Plan for Your Baby

Are you in an unplanned pregnancy and not sure what to do? Thinking about an adoption plan for your baby? Finding out you are pregnant, when you didn’t plan to…
baby in hospital basinetAdoption
January 16, 2023

I’m in Labor and Want to Make an Adoption Plan

Going into labor can be overwhelming. Especially if you are unsure of your options or don’t have a plan in place to parent. You may even be thinking: I don’t…
man in white long sleeve shirt carrying baby in white onesieAdoption
January 16, 2023

Pregnant Again… I Can’t Parent Another Child

Finding out you are pregnant can feel overwhelming. Especially when you are already parenting one or more children. You may be thinking “I’m pregnant again… I can’t parent another child”…


With two young children already to care for, Aosha chose to place her baby boy for adoption because she knew she couldn’t give him the life he deserved.

When Lili found out she was pregnant, she immediately looked up abortion clinics. It wasn’t until she found out it was twins that her mindset of having an abortion was changed.

Pregnant with her second child, Amanda knew she couldn’t provide for another child on her own. Unsure of her options, she reached out to an adoption agency for help.

Pregnant + Considering Adoption?

We’ll help you explore your options with a goal of balance in what’s best for you and your child.

  • Personal advocate who represents your interests.
  • Freedom to consider all your pregnancy options.
  • Decision making at your own pace.
  • Provide you with hope and peace through all-inclusive care.
  • We believe you are not giving up your baby, but making a loving plan.