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Finding out you are pregnant can feel overwhelming. Especially when you are already parenting one or more children. You may be thinking “I’m pregnant again… I can’t parent another child” or that you are pregnant and don’t want to be. Everything you are feeling is normal and you do not have to walk through this alone. Our pregnancy counselors provide support and options counseling throughout your pregnancy. We want to help you make the best decision for you and your child.

Parenting is not an option

One of the most selfless and loving acts is for a woman to admit that parenting may not be the best option. We can help you walk through all your unplanned pregnancy options. If you feel parenting is not an option and you are looking for options other than abortion our pregnancy counselors can help you navigate the option of adoption.

Choosing a family for your child

Adoption allows you to make a plan for your baby by choosing a family to care for your child. This does not mean that you are failing them or giving up a baby. You know your limits and are seeking options to better your child.

Getting help along the way

If you are thinking “I’m pregnant again… I can’t parent another child,” or that you don’t have funds to raise another child, we would love to connect you with a local pregnancy counselor to help you make the best choice for you.

“I felt like I couldn’t give him the life he deserved.

Aoasha's Adoption Story