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Can I afford to be pregnant? Can I afford to keep my baby? Can I afford to be a parent? These are all great questions to ask yourself when you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy. You want to assess your situation and determine what is the best plan for yourself and your baby. What we want you to know is there are resources and help available to you.

Pregnancy resources available to you

If you want to be a parent, but are unsure how you will be able to afford it, know there are many places that can help you. Pregnancy resource centers can help you with maternity clothes, diapers, formula, baby clothes, baby items such as car seats and strollers, and even provide parenting classes to help equip you to be a great parent. There is also help for medical care both during pregnancy and after birth. If you do not feel equipped to be a parent and are considering adoption, depending on what state you are in, an adoption agency can often help you with living expenses such as housing, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, and other pregnancy-related expenses.

So, do not panic. There is help available to you!

Don’t let money be the only reason

But you do not want money to be the only thing you consider when making a decision about your unborn child. You may hear things like: “If you can’t afford an abortion, how you can afford to keep your baby” or “If you can’t afford maternity clothes, how can you afford to be a parent”. While many people may say these things out of a desire to help you and your baby, these comments only help you think through the immediate needs of yourself and your baby. We know that simply because you are reading this article that you care about your child and your own goals and want the best for yourself and your child. That’s why we want to help you think through all of your options. Our pregnancy counseling services to you are free, and support is available 24/7.

Healthcare services and housing assistance

We will assist you in health care planning, helping you obtain insurance if needed, as well as connecting you with health care professionals in your area, ensuring that you receive proper medical care for the duration of your pregnancy. We understand that oftentimes you may have other needs and obstacles outside of your pregnancy, such as housing and physical needs, in which we would love to assist you. Your pregnancy counselors hope to build a relationship with you and to assess and seek provision for your financial and emotional needs.