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Has life thrown you a curve ball, and you realize you need to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant? Maybe you have always wanted to be pregnant, but this is not the way you planned it. Thoughts may be racing through your head as you face an unexpected pregnancy. How will you tell your family? At the top of the list may be “how do I tell my boyfriend the news?” You might have plans for a life together, or you might not; either way, those plans may not include a baby at this stage in life. Now is a great time to reach out to seek pregnancy support to learn about your pregnancy options.

You Have Options for You and Your Baby

Before you tell your boyfriend you are in an unplanned pregnancy, it can be helpful to learn about all of your pregnancy options. A pregnancy counselor is trained to talk with you about each of these. She knows about each option and can help you think through the pros and cons of each that may apply to you. Knowing your options may also help you feel more confident when you tell your boyfriend!

How to Tell Your Boyfriend

When you tell him, take care to listen to how he feels about your unplanned pregnancy as well. He may have a lot of thoughts and emotions, just like you did when you found out. There is no way to guess how he will react. He may be surprised, happy, scared, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to respond. You may feel some of these emotions, as well. Know that you are both feeling many emotions as you navigate your options with your unplanned pregnancy. You both need support in working through these. This is a life-changing event, and it’s important that you surround yourself with good pregnancy support.

Creating a Plan

Next step is to tell him about your pregnancy options. You can even have him meet with your pregnancy counselor to offer support and more information on adoption options and his rights as the birthfather. If you have an option that you feel strongly about, be prepared to talk to him and tell him why you are leaning towards this option. Help him understand that you have pregnancy support and that you have learned about each option.

Your pregnancy support does not end once you make a choice either. Your pregnancy counselor can be there through your entire pregnancy to encourage you, help you find legal support, talk about what you may want in a family (if you choose adoption), or connect you to resources (if you choose to parent). When you tell boyfriend you’re pregnant, you and your boyfriend do not have to walk through this alone!