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As you consider unplanned pregnancy options, it can be complicated to think through how all of those around you may react to an adoption plan for your baby, especially the father of your child. While each situation is unique, you may fear that the father of your child will try to intervene in a negative way. This may be either in trying to stop your adoption plan or gain custody of the child.

Here are several things to keep in mind in this situation:

  1. We provide a pregnancy counselor who is always available to talk through any concerns you might have about the father of your child. She can help walk you through your options as they apply specifically to your situation. She is here to help you in any way she can, whether you are just now pregnant and considering adoption or are making a fast adoption.
  2. Your pregnancy counselor can connect you to free legal counsel to explain your rights and talk through what rights the father of the child has, which are specific to your State.
  3. It’s always easier to give your pregnancy counselor all information you know of on the front end of making your adoption plan regarding the father of your child so that she can equip you with all the best resources to fit your situation.

In most cases, you are in the driver’s seat and get to decide what you think is best for you and your child. You have a pregnancy counselor who is here to serve as your advocate throughout the entire process and for a lifetime after, too.