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As a counselor who serves women in unexpected pregnancies and their options, there has been much falsehood spread about abortion and options other than abortion. The world tells women that abortion is loving—that abortion is the only way to prevent your child and you from suffering under the weight of current circumstances such as poverty, lack of support, unstable environments, young age, and more. The world is not shy about communicating the option of abortion and the lie that abortion is the only solution that is easier, without long-lasting effects, and harmless.

Many women are told abortion is the most honorable choice

Many women facing unplanned pregnancies needing help feel as though the most honorable decision they can make for themselves and their children is abortion: you see, even as distorted as it may seem, love and fear are often the driving force in abortion.

I have spoken with many women who were considering abortion and their reasons were more than just “convenience.” They know that parenting their child is not in the child’s best interest, and unfortunately, it seems like “abortion is the only option.” That is until they hear another option: the option of adoption.

Then they hear about the option of adoption

When women hear the option of adoption, and their fears and misconceptions are addressed head-on, they understand their value and their child’s value. Something beautiful happens as they are able to hear all the options for pregnancy, Instead of being driven by fear and love, they are driven by truth and love, and they understand that adoption is a beautiful option.

Your pregnancy counselor can help

Whether you’re facing an unwanted pregnancy, are pregnant and need help, or are just in need of pregnancy support as you consider the options for your baby, your pregnancy counselors can help. Women who choose adoption are making this decision because they love their child deeply and desire for their child to be in a stable home, where a family can provide this child with the resources and opportunities that the mother may not be able to at this time, but long for them to have.