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It’s tempting to think of abortion as a “quick and easy” answer to an uncertain situation, but the decision to abort your child is permanent. The grief and finality of this decision may last your entire life. There are abortion alternatives like adoption. Adoption, while still extremely difficult, provides you with the peace that comes from providing your child with a safe, stable, happy life as long as you live. No situation is perfect, but we support you in considering ALL the options for your baby!

Is choosing adoption the easy way out?

Adoption is courageous and sacrificial, but it is not the easy way out. It takes thoughtfulness, commitment, and selflessness. You are making a responsible decision by considering all your options for the health and well-being of your child and placing them with loving, prepared parents. Placing your baby for adoption is a plan that considers both your needs and your child’s needs.

What if my family doesn’t support my adoption plan?

It can be hard to make a decision that isn’t supported by family and friends. It is good to listen to people you trust and seek input. Family and friends can do that for you; we advise you to seek input from a professional, as well. While family and friends may have good intentions, they may not understand adoption. We can help you find the words to share your decision with them, whether in conversation or through a letter, and we will be here to talk afterward. We can help educate your family about newborn adoption so they know the control you have in the choice of family and long-term contact with your child if you choose.

Does adoption cost anything?

No. There are no costs for you as the birth mother.

What happens if I change my mind?

Abortion is a permanent decision, while adoption gives you time and choices on the life you want for yourself and your baby. As always, YOU make the decision about what’s best for your child. If you choose adoption and at any point change your mind, we will support you in your decision. Our job is to help you make a plan for your child, whether that’s placing or parenting.

After the baby is born, we talk with you again about the decision to sign relinquishments. We want you to be confident before you sign, as this is a permanent document. We will never, ever have you sign if you are not confident this is the best choice for you and your child.