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Going into labor can be overwhelming. Especially if you are unsure of your options or don’t have a plan in place to parent. You may even be thinking: I don’t know if I can do this, I don’t know if I want my baby, or how do I find a family for my baby. That’s alright, it’s not too late to discuss your options or to make a plan for your child. You are not alone.

How do I make the right decision?

It is normal to struggle with the decision to place your child for adoption, and many women who make this choice love their child and DO want their baby, but don’t know if they are equipped or if they desire to parent at this time. Others may not even know the first step to take in making an adoption plan. If this is you, take a deep breath, and know that we can help.

Who can help?

The first step is to reach out to a pregnancy counselor. You can reach out directly or even ask the hospital to reach out for you. Asking to talk to someone about your options doesn’t have to be stressful either. Someone can talk to you on the phone or can visit you at the hospital. Meeting with a pregnancy counselor does not commit you to making an adoption plan and can happen whenever is best for you (i.e. while you are in labor or after the baby is born). Your pregnancy counselor will help you explore both of your options and determine what the next best step is in your plan.

You get to decide what’s best for you and baby.”

Lili's Adoption Story