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On August 16th, 2016, Gina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She cradled her, swaddled her, fed her, and loved her for 24 hours, and then she placed her in the arms of the mom and dad that she handpicked to be her daughter’s parents through adoption. Why? A lot of reasons, but one trumped many.

She wanted her baby girl to have a Dad.

As difficult as it was to say goodbye in the hospital, Gina said that she was confident in her decision to entrust her daughter to Zac and Traci, the adoptive parents. She had considered having an abortion, but after seeing an ultrasound, she knew that she wanted to make a decision that would be in hers and her child’s best interest and would influence her and her child’s life forever.

Gina worked with her pregnancy counselor to decide what kind of family she wanted for her baby. After looking at profile books, she narrowed it down to two families, but when she met Zac and Traci she knew that they were the right parents. Zac and Traci were so kind, loving, and intentional and Gina said that she felt like they were family. She said that when she first met Zac, she knew that her daughter would have a dad who would love her, protect her, and cherish her.

Gina got her see her daughter on her first birthday.

On her daughter’s first birthday, Gina got to see her daughter for the first time since she kissed her goodbye at the hospital. She saw her daughter play, crawl, and laugh. She saw her daughter’s face light up when her daddy walked in the room. That sweet baby girl screamed “dada dada” and crawled into his lap for kisses and cuddles. Gina knew she made the right decision for her daughter, but on this day, she got to see her decision. Gina kept saying “Olivia really is a daddy’s girl! I knew it!” By the end of the little birthday party, baby Olivia was reaching for Gina to tell her goodbye.

After the party, Gina could not stop smiling.

As she was reminded that it was her decision for adoption that allows Olivia gets to be a daddy’s girl, she said that she has never been more proud of her daughter and herself for making the decision that changed them both forever.

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