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Pregnant and homeless, and don’t know what to do? You do not have to walk through this alone. A pregnancy counselor can talk with you and walk through each of your options when pregnant. It’s hard to know what to do if you’re pregnant, but you can talk about what you want for your child and yourself.

Medical Care and Local Resources

It may feel scary to be homeless and expecting a baby. We can help you find medical care and connect you with local resources. You do not have to do this alone! If you’re pregnant and need help, we want to provide that help! You have many options and decisions ahead, but you don’t have to go through it all and figure it out by yourself.

Options and Support

When you meet with a pregnancy counselor, you will be able to share your desires and goals. Your pregnancy counselor only has one goal: to help you make the decision that is best for you and your baby. She will share what options are good for the wants that you have. Knowing your options when pregnant is so important. And if you are pregnant and don’t know what to do, we will be able to help you.