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If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby, it’s important to know you are NOT giving up, you are making a loving plan. Yet, there will be several questions that you will have about the entire adoption process. The big question of what happens after the actual adoption process is over is typically a question that comes to mind first and one that you may need answers to in order to even take the first step. We want to provide you with clear and honest answers so that you will be prepared. Here, we address a few of these questions:

What happens in the hospital after my baby is born?

When you meet with your local worker to make a plan for the hospital stay, you get to decide what the hospital time will look like, including your interactions with your baby. Our approach to adoption is centered around you as the birth mom and your wishes.

Will I have anyone to talk to once the adoption is final?

What if I still need counseling and support? Will I have to pay for this or find out how to get it? We have resources available to you for a lifetime of support after placement, and there is never a cost to you. Our heart is to support each and every woman we come in contact with. We desire to serve women in every area of their lives, which includes birthmothers not only during pregnancy but also after they have placed a child.

How sad will afterward? How long do birthmothers grieve?

Adoption is a beautiful option, but with every option in an unplanned pregnancy, there will be a complicated mix of emotions –love, grief, wonder, sadness, peace, hope. Not only does the body need time to recover after pregnancy and delivery, but the heart also needs time to heal.

It is important to think through how these emotions will be present with an option you may choose before you decide on an option. Some of the best decisions you will make in your life will also be some of the hardest decisions. One of the best ways to pursue healing is by talking through any difficult feelings with your pregnancy counselor.

Processing feelings with your pregnancy counselor can also help with the transition back into everyday life and to help your heart continue to heal and be reminded of the why in your decision. We also can connect you with an online community where you can connect with other women just like you.

Will I get to see my baby again after I leave the hospital?

Yes, if this is something you desire. Most adoptions will start semi-open, and we can help facilitate and navigate the relationship between you, the adoptive parents, and the child. Then, as you get to know each other better, the relationship may progress from there.

We will help you think through what level of openness you desire to start with such as just letters and pictures or visits. The adoptive parents you choose will be committed to the level of openness that you choose.

You are not alone.

You are not alone in this adoption journey, and you are not alone after the adoption takes place. Reach out to get answers to your questions and the support you need as you walk through this process.